Deluxe Lodging in the Wilderness ------------------------------------------------------- McCarthy, Alaska

About US

In the summer of 1993, we built our home in McCarthy. For the last 23 summers, we have worked and played in McCarthy, our favorite place on Earth. We have seen many changes in the local area, including a change from CB and satellite radios for local and outside communications to full cellphone service with internet access in 2008. In 1996 a pedestrian footbridge was erected across the Kennicott River replacing the hand-­pulled trams that were built in 1983. Access to the McCarthy area is easier these days as is communicating with the ‘outside’ world. It is a challenge to slow down the inevitable change and use only that which makes our lives better.


Andy’s background is in mountain climbing, survival training, satellite ­based internet installations and construction. This summer will be Andy’s first summer off after working for 16 seasons for the National Park Service on the historical building restoration project at Kennecott.


Cynthia is a teacher for the the Valdez City Schools District located in Valdez, Alaska where she is happily teaching kindergartners.



Our sons, Matthew_Dipnetting_2013_scaled Matthew (21) and  Robert (18), enjoy the long days of sunlight during the summer. They have hiked on the glacier, explored the underside of the glacier, visited ice caves, and learned the names of our local plants anRobert_ErieMine_2013_scaledd animals.

If you visit in late July or August, we’ll share some freshly picked garden vegetables with you! You are also welcome to borrow books from our office if you wish to learn more about the human and natural history of the local area.